"CPAs Control Dozens of Rich Clients.
But They Will NEVER Send You a Single Client... Until You Understand
What They Really  Want From You."

This ENTIRE Page Will Tell You Exactly How To Easily
Get Affluent CPA Referrals, Consistently, and...

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Daryl Logullo, Strategic Impact!
Thursday, 11:59AM

Subject: How To Get More Client Referrals From Today's CPAs

Dear Friend Interested In More Client Referrals,
    What exactly is my 'CPA Referral System*

     And how is it you can put it to work in your business and generate more client referrals?"

     Those are good questions.  And you'll learn the answers in a moment when you gain instant FREE behind-the-scenes access to my brand new 'CPA Referral System®.'


     Well, before I tell you, there are some important things you need to know.

     First, this CPA "system" is really a comprehensive kit of referral training tools (Audio CDs, books, etc.).

     It's for professionals only--financial advisors, insurance agents, attorney, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, et cetera. And it's only for those who want more affluent client referrals from today's accounting professional, i.e., CPA.

     Next, I've continually, developed, refine and used this system since 1989, although I'm sure you've never heard about it until now (more on that later).

    This Referral System has been a secret weapon that has helped generate over $600 million in new client assets and thousands of new clients.

     And if you've never heard of me before, I understand. For years I've been teaching people with at all levels how to skyrocket their business to new heights.

     But don't take my word for it...

"Very Impressive..."

     Very impressive, especially as a CPA. Your advice will help me overcome many of the stumbling points.

-- Jim Connell, Jr.
Syracuse, NY


"...$400,000 in New Revenue in Year 1...

    I expect this advice to add $400,000 in new revenue during year 1... $800,000 in year 2... and over $1.5 million in year 3. This is brilliant!

-- John Culpepper
Indianapolis, IN


"...Definitely Value-Added..."

     Between Daryl's written report and his personal phone call to me, it's very clear that he understands how the mind of a CPA works regarding a relationship with advisors. His information is concise, right on point and valuable. Daryl is definitely *value added*. Talk to him.

-- Rob Ebert, J.D., RFC
Santa Ana, CA



    Excellent... I came in knowing a lot about CPA alliances....and you still taught me a lot more... and had other points reinforced. Excellent!!

-- Kevin Twohy
Fairfield, IA


   Thirdly, I want you to close your eyes for a moment ...

  • Imagine yourself having a consistent, free, frequent pipeline of new clients and customers.

  • Imagine yourself ending 99 percent of your current marketing and advertising efforts (eg: No more seminars or chasing prospects, immediate cost savings on your newspaper ads, retain all of your current your direct mail expenses, etc.), and completely eliminating your staff and support headaches.

  • Visualize how much more money you would have in your own pocket.

  • And imagine that when you wanted this to happen, all you would have to do is snap your fingers and it would be yours because you are able to...

Solve This Problem For Yourself. Earn a Higher Income, and Picture Yourself With All The CPA Referrals You Can Handle.

Introducing A Brand New, Powerful, Proven*
Client Referral System That
Generates Consistent Referrals From
Today's CPA or Accountant.

    Now, you might be thinking, "Sure that sounds great, but what's the point of dreaming? Where could someone find such a system?"

     What if it is wasn't a dream? What if such a resource existed?

     Even better, what if there were an actual simple reproducible process that would allow you to generate client after client referral from today's CPA or accounting professional... and more business than you ever dreamed of...  right at your fingertips?

     Before you answer that question, you need to understand something:

It's Not Your Fault You Haven't
Captured Your Fair Share of Rich,
High Net Worth CPA Client Referrals.

     Honestly. It's not your fault. You've been forced to waste thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing or prospecting for your business.

     Today's CPA controls dozens of valuable, affluent client relationships. And each one can benefit from your advice. But they never will, until....

You First Must Understand What
a CPA Really  Wants From You Before
He or She Will Ever Send You A Single Client.

    They’d gladly become your client or customer, and pay you. But only if you FIRST focused on a consistent way on cultivating that relationship.

Best of All...When You Use
a Consistent, Systematic Approach,
Never Have Ask or Beg People...
or CPAs... To Refer You Business.

    Did you catch that? The key word being, “consistent.”

    And let's be honest. That is NOT what you have now! You're not receiving a steady supply of new referrals, at least not consistently, because you have no EASY-TO-FOLLOW system to do so.

    You may get an occasional haphazard referral, here and there. But you’re really lacking an organized approach to “pulling" referrals towards you. Or worse, you’re uncomfortable -- or even afraid -- about talking about the subject of referrals.

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    I can’t say I blame you. I say again: It’s not your fault. I mean, who wants to be viewed as a begging salesperson, spewing tired 1980s sales clichés like, “I earn my business by referrals,” etc cetera, et cetera...?
     Without exception, professionals who are succeeding and getting filthy rich with referrals are those that are following certain "referral laws" in one form or another -- whether consciously or unconsciously.
    Without exception, those who were failing were breaking at least one of these laws on a regular basis.

    Now let me say again: Until now, there was never really a reasonable solution, other than dumb luck to capitalized on the hidden treasures found inside of CPA referrals.

Which begs the question:

How Much More Money Would You -- Or Could
-- Make If You Were Using A Proven
CPA Referral System

    Think about that. And think about a system which can end your frustrations forever and significantly change the way you do business forever.  A revolutionary, proven system that looks something like this...   


The Complete CPA Referral System

Announcing The
Breakthrough, Lightning Fast
Proven* Referral System That
Consistently Generates
Clients From CPAs!

Exclusive and Proven* CPA Referral System
 for Business Professionals:
2008 Edition

Here Is Exactly What Is Included..

   4+Hour, 4 Compact Disc Audio Set   

$497 Value

Four (4) professionally produced studio-quality Audio CDs, complete with over 4+ hours of advice, strategies and tactics. An unabridged recording of  best-selling book, as read by the author.


     'Quick Start' CD Audio 


'Quick Start' Audio CD, 7:13 in length that explains in detail how to use the system for maximum results, referrals and profits.


     Soft Cover Edition of Book      

$177 Value

The best selling soft cover book, "How To Grab CPA Referrals By The Dozens..." 14 chapters, 178 pages, which identically parallels the Audio CD in written format as a valuable additional learning resource.


     Full E-Book Version      

$97 Value

An electronic PDF version of best selling soft cover book, sent instantly to you via e-mail.


     5 Cheat Sheet Guides    

$297 Value

A full set of 10 pages (5 Guides, 2 sided) color-coded and containing summary outlines of each corresponding Audio CD and Book Chapter. An extremely valuable summary tool for quick concepts or to reinforce key principles and strategies covered in the Audio CDs of soft cover book.


     Two (2!) TeleCoaching Certificates     

$997 Value

Two (2!) private 20-minute TeleCoaching certificates for personal use with Daryl Logullo by phone, to ask questions, receive advice, assistant or direction, and good for an entire 12 months! 

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Now... Let's Go Briefly Inside of This
Amazing, Proven* New
Generating Resource...
Note: Images shown are low resolution, web-enabled.
Do not represent the true high-quality of the actual product.

Audio CD # 1: 
“The Inner Psychology and Priority of
CPA Behavior”

Intro & Foreword "Introduction and Foreword" (9:24)
Chp. 1 “The Truth About Attracting More CPA Referrals”       (25:11)
Chp. 2  “Understanding the Mindset of Today’s CPA”      (14:20)
Chp. 3  “Revealing Comments & Insights From Today’s CPA”     (19:21)

Total Audio CD #1 Length:                         (68:20)

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of What You Will Discover Listening
Closely To Audio CD # 1...

  • Three (3!) ‘Iron-Clad Facts’ you must understand and embrace about today’s typical CPA, and how to embrace each one. (If you want to instantly begin improving your CPA referrals, apply what you'll learn in chapter 1.)

  • The most common ‘road block’ that prevents you from attracting more CPA referrals. (Stop 'thinking' about CPAs in this fashion. All you'll end up doing is failing and blaming yourself it's no use.)

  • Two (2!) amazing ‘Power Words’ that instantly capture a CPA’s attention. (At the heart of this strategy is creating an undiscovered 'tool' and using it as your secret referral-weapon.)

  • Secret #1 Revealed--Why this ‘threat’ is very real to today’s CPA. (This principle explains how to embrace hidden behavioral issues and utilize them for maximum referral persuasion.

  • Secret #2 Revealed--The ‘key’ tactic to embracing a CPA’s vision of more referrals. This is one technique the so-called financial "marketing gurus" won't tell you (because they don't know about it!).

  • Secret #3 Revealed--How to use ‘3 Rule’s to bring yourself higher referral success rates, faster. (How would you like CPAs to begin seeking you out? It's easy when you understand these rules.)

  • Private Interview Transcript--Behavioral Characteristics Revealed: Today’s CPA. Pure gold! Read from over 53+ hours of private comments, insight and feedback. (Warning: This advice with both SHOCK and excite you).

  • Real-Life Comments from CPAs--‘How Every Financial Advisor Can Earn More Referrals from Us.’ (Even experts agree these comments are truthful...and are shocked by the full candor.)

  • How today’s CPA really views you as a financial professional.

  • How to understand the mindset of today's CPA quickly, easily... (This allows you to win the CPA over to your side with greater precision, empathy, respect and understanding...allowing for the referral process to begin literally immediately.)

  • Real-life conversations and comments from today's CPAs. More truths, traps, techniques, and testimonials that boost your knowledge....but translate into profitability.

  • 'CPA insiders spill-their-guts... How every financial professional can earn more referrals from us.'

  • The truth about how today's CPA really views you as a financial professional-- and what he or she really wants from you! Their insight and perception about you can determine whether you skyrocket or fail miserably in your referral 'approach.' (Warning: These profitable comments may turn your world upside down... and create the needed 'jolt' you never would have expected.)

  • Easy-To-Learn Primer: How to use a compelling introductory letter from more CPA introductions.

  • And much, much more... during 66 minutes!



   After Audio Disc #1, the next step with my referral system is... content that immediately reveals practical, proven referral strategies.  This is hard-hitting, shocking and profitable material.

    Because, action and 'ideas' are what create.... results!

    (I also share with you professional, yet shrewd tactics that instantly allow you to distance yourself from every one of your competitors...)

    Read on!

Audio CD # 2: 
“Proven Strategies
For Better CPA Referrals ”

Chp. 4 “How To Use A Compelling Introductory Letter for More CPA Introductions"     (13:02)
Chp. 5  “How To Target Local CPAs Faster & Easier For More Referrals"      (30:19)
Chp. 6  “How To Further Target Local CPAs for Referrals"  (26:14)

Total Audio CD #1 Length:                         (69:35)

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of What You Will Discover Listening
Closely To Audio CD # 2...

  • How to mail a single letter to a CPA and obtain 15 or more referral in 60 days. (The key lies in the additional three (3!) steps that follow! Apply this strategy and force your competitors out of business. (Sample letter included).
  • Using these three (3!) easy to implement follow-up strategies with this referral letter... that literally causes 70% or more of local CPAs to pick up the phone and call you.
  • Case Study: The proper and improper ways to target local CPAs faster and easier for more referrals. (Warning: Violate these strategies and perish!)
  • The 4 hidden yet truthful ways for you to network faster with today's CPA. (Even if you HATE networking, you are uncomfortable marketing, or you can't stand "selling" your services.)
  • How to use a strategy employed by generations of European common folk to create a mass referral flood into your office. (You must embrace this concept before EVER again approaching a CPA about referrals.)
  • A simple strategy that costs you less than $5.00 and can yield a mass referral influx. (The actual figure is $4.97 or less... you won't believe how easy it is!)
  • How to borrow this effortless CPA referral "idea" from a mortgage broker who... raked in $5 million in new sales, and ethically apply the same idea to your own business! (Warning: This is extremely powerful. NEVER share this with any colleagues).
  • How to adopt the proper mindset so you can instantly relate with every CPA you meet.... and how to create resonance and top-of-mind-- so the CPA will choose you over your competitors--guaranteed. (Note: 99.5% of current financial advisors are not doing this, and never will. They are TOO LAZY.)
  • Why 99.3% of financial professionals fail at CPA referrals--and what the remaining 0.07% hope that you never find out!
  • What a Major League Baseball game has to do with the enormous mistake financial professionals make trying to forge new CPA alliances. (Don't even think about forging new CPA alliances until you read and listen to this section carefully)
  • The 'Inside Truth': How are you really perceived by today's CPA? (Warning: This section contains highly controversial and revealing material.)
  • What today's CPA really wants to be known as. (Hint: It's not a professional who is in business to prepare taxes.)
  • A glimpse inside of how today’s CPAs believe they should “market” themselves. Once you understand how CPAs are being 'told' to market, an instant 'light-bulb' will go off...allowing you to create referrals on demand. (Note: Whether you are an average or advanced marketer, this information will make your jaw-drop.)
  • The ‘4 Iron Horsemen’ that every CPA expects you to be armed with.(In other words, the appropriate credential materials every CPA is silently telling themselves they need to see from you--but likely will never ask you for!-- prepare yourself to be shocked.)
  • Three (3!) Excellent, Easy and Immediate Ways to Meet Local CPAs. If you're too busy to try these three simple techniques, your secretary, assistant... or even someone with a high school education... can set the meetings for you.
  • Fourteen (14!) uncomplicated and straightforward strategies for meeting meet five (5!) CPAs in 90 days or less--guaranteed! (Very, very powerful. This is all word-for-word material that you can study, absorb and start using immediately.)

  • Here's the greatest skill all successful networkers and masters of attracting referral-based business have in common... and how you can build your own and use it to your advantage.
  • Plus much, much more... during 69 minutes!!

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    Now... if that doesn't cram your brain full of profit generating 'sweet spots'... you probably don't have a pulse.  :)

    Hold on. Because Audio CD #3 is about to get insanely INTENSE! The system kicks into massive high gear, because...

    The next CD will literally BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER with it's sheer power-rich referral steps.

     Let's take a look at...

Audio CD # 3: 
“Taking Your CPA Relationships
To New Heights"

Chp. 7 "How To Arrange Your First Meeting With A CPA and What To Say" (20:55)
Chp. 8  “Exclusive Insights From A Master CPA Referral Source"   (22:05)
Chp. 9  “How To Be Certain A CPA Knows Who A Good Client Is For You"

Total Audio CD #3 Length:                         (70:27)

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of What You Will Discover Listening
Closely To Audio CD # 3...

  • How to Arrange Your First Meeting With A CPA--And What To Say. (BLUNT WARNING: Cancel any and ALL meetings you now... or EVER WILL schedule with a CPA... until you understand this chapter.)

  • How to make your first meeting with a CPA a monumental success (for both you and the CPA). This will open your eyes to all of the easy money floating around strategic alliances that you have been glancing over.

  • How these "two little words" strike instant attention from any CPA--as they listen intently to everything you say. (Think 'Deer-In-The-Headlights' type trance. Tip: Neither of those words are referral fee, or ANYTHING to do with revenue sharing!)

  • Special Audio Transcripts: Real-Life Telephone Conversation! Imagine being a fly-on-the-wall as you listen to an original, unedited telephone conversation with exclusive insights from a master CPA referral source. (Note: This "Mystery Guest" is a CPA and someone respected for having forged many successful referral relationships. Hear his perspective as a CPA and profit as he reveals all.)

  • How to be certain a CPA knows who a good client is for you. Specifically, how can you be 100% certain every CPA you are prospecting and networking with fully understands the type of client you are mot interested in? (This exercise will instantly reveal to you the magic tool you have at your disposal that you are currently neglecting, and how to put it to immediate use!)

  • How to help today’s CPA know who is a good prospect for you, and why. (Tip: You already realize there is a big difference between someone who is a prospect for your services, and someone who is a real client. Note: A CPA does not always. Help them with this strategy!)

  • The 25 ‘Do’s & Don’ts when meeting a CPA for the very first time. Truth be told, there are much more than 25. But each of these are instant riches or deadly poison. You can either profit or perish. Study and learn each. Your choice.

  • Five (5!) tangible ideas that are guaranteed to keep you in touch with a CPA--and keep the CPA happy to hear from you. (Staying in touch is only one mere consideration. Learn how to keep the CPA craving continual information and contact from you with these five (5!) techniques.)

  • Discover the absolute 'tool' that you MUST own and use in your marketing materials (and takes you, your spouse, or your assistant only 20 minutes to create. Note: It is NOT your bio or brochure!)

  • How to handle a second meeting with a CPA--what to say, and what MUST happen in that meeting.  Big deal: You met a CPA once. Now what?! How do you effectively handle the second, critical meeting? What should you say? What must you avoid at all costs?

  • Insights on presenting a written referral proposal to a CPA you’ve met with--and get the answer you want... every time! This is where the rubber meets the road. Forging a referral alliance, in writing. All of your efforts are for waste unless you get these discussions and terms straight. This section explains what do do, and how to do it RIGHT...the first time!

  • Six (6) sizeable ways to create deep interaction with a CPA and build lasting, unshakable trust. Relationships either thrive or disintegrate without trust. Study and practice these 6 techniques to cement your relationships in concrete.

  • Sample Illustration: Nine (9) Point ‘Cheat-Sheet’ That Reminds You How to Cultivate Your CPA Relationships. A simple illustration that takes the more advanced approaches and spoon-feeds it to you like a third-grader. You are GUARANTEED to understand this!

  • What specific situation all of your strategic alliances (CPAs, Attorneys, Realtors) should understand before sending you referrals. Do NOT overlook the power of your C.O.I.s (centers of influence), and how they work with CPAs, and how referrals can flow to you through them! This explains it to you in depth.

  • Plus much, much more...for over 71 minutes!!

    And, if that's not already a TON of breakthrough, behind-the-scenes CPA referral building advice, let's not forget about Audio Disc #4. We're still not done yet! 

     Let's look inside of...


Audio CD # 4: 
“Confidence: Having Real Conversations about Referrals"

Chp. 10

"5 Easy Steps To Put Your Referral Conversations Into Real Action"


Chp. 11

 “Special Bonus - Section I"


Chp. 12

 “Special Bonus - Section II"


Chp. 13

"More Profitable Referral Building Relationships"


Chp. 14

"A Vision: Bridging The Gap Between Today's CPA and Financial Professionals"


Total Audio CD #4 Length:                         (65:13)

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of What You Will Discover Listening
Closely To Audio CD # 4...

  • 5-Easy Steps To Put Your Referral Conversations Into Real Action.

    • Step 1: How to recognize this common phrase that unlocks the first gate to the CPA’s referral ‘door.’

    • Step 2: Using three words that captivate and convince the CPA to pay close attention to what you have to say.

    • Step 3: Why this “secret” is among the greatest ever discovered to unlocking client referrals.

    • Step 4: How to avoid the biggest blunder that 90% of people make when discussing referrals (and don’t even realize!)

    • Step 5: The real ‘value-added’ action that positions you as trustworthy, competent and referable--and creates a steady flow of new referrals for you.

  • Special Bonus--Section I-- A Quick Reference Guide to Rules on CPA Commissions and Referral Fees

    • Understanding the sizeable difference between a CPA commission and a CPA referral fee, prohibited commissions, disclosure of permitted commissions, and referral fees.

    • How to interpret and convert your understanding of CPA referral fees into leverage and benefits for yourself.

    • How to understand the truth behind what’s really going on with CPAs and referral fees.

  • Special Bonus--Section II-- Swipe File of CPA Directories, Links, Internet Web Pages and Related Sources

  • Excellent Trade Publications Targeted at CPAs

  • Additional Internet Media, Publications, and Resources Serving CPAs. (All of these resources are pure GOLD. They help you better understand current business issues and challenges facing the CPA and his or her industry.)

  • The 17 Most Profitable Referral Building Insights on CPAs  Ever Revealed!

    • Revelation #1: Why this ‘challenge’ for a CPA causes referral inaction--and how to overcome it to for your own advantage.

    • Revelation #2: The untold story: Why CPAs chose their profession and fields of concentration to begin with!

    • Revelation #3: What most CPAs would rather be doing--but would likely never tell you.

    • Revelation #4: Did you know that some CPAs choose their area of concentration solely for this reason?

    • Revelation #5: The role of “Regulatory Issues"--and how they are perceived by today’s CPA (the truth will shock you!)

    • Revelation #6: How to understand the primary behavioral issue that causes today’s CPA to do what he does.

    • Revelation #7: Why the “equation” of active CPA referrals is really a losing long-term proposition for this “group” of financial professional. Are you one of ‘them?’

    • Revelation #8:  Why many CPA’s are not happy with this single, sole element of their business.

    • Revelation #9:  A foundation for failure or profit: Do CPA practitioners have an enviable business model?

    • Revelation #10: What causes this “red flag” to wave abruptly for everyone to see, including the CPA?

    • Revelation #11: Persuading a CPA to do “this” doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll make more money.

    • Revelation #12:  What the most successful financial professionals understand about forging an alliance with today’s CPA.

    • Revelation #13: How the principle of “equal reciprocation” works from a CPA’s perspective Hint: The answer will both alarm and excite you!

    • Revelation #14: The role that timing plays in securing active, ongoing referral relationships.

    • Revelation #15: Why you should never, EVER tell a CPA this about who your ideal client is.

    • Revelation #16: How your current lack of referral alliances with CPAs is caused by one single, solitary item...(that you can instantly fix, today!)

    • Revelation #17: What the big Wall Street firms never understand about how to form lasting strategic alliances with CPAs (and why they will continue to fail)

  • Daryl Logullo's Summary Page "CPA Action-Step BullsEyesm" (Note: Even if you are STILL totally confused about where to begin, this simple, one-page "4th Grade Elementary List" will have you focused within 11 seconds with precise direction.)

  • How to "chop your referrals" into 5 separate building blocks, how to focus on each block, and how each one has its own set of principles and strategies to use with a CPA. (Note: Never, EVER again attempt to mention the word "referral" until you understand and used these 5 'blocks.' Connect-the-dots and watch your results in utter amazement.)

  • How to extinguish, once and for all, the greatest debate (and most confusing question) about referrals: 'How do I ask for or discuss them?' (And which one is the most appropriate for YOUR specific situation.)
  • Plus much, much more... for over 65 minutes!!


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    Now at this point, I'm sure you agree this System over delivers. Take a look at everything again that I am offering.

    After reviewing the contents of this referral system, if you feel that this is a rip off or that I'm charging double what I should, you let me know...

     When you consider the stack of goods you get, you have to admit... this is one heckuva steal, any way you slice it! And at this point, you may be saying...

'But I'm Worried This Is Gonna
Take Me Forever To Learn...!'

    I understand. That's why you get every single resource and tool you need to succeed using CPA referrals, and everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion, including personal telephone coaching.

   But just to be double sure ....

You Also Get Five (5!) Exclusive 
Cheat Sheet Guides

Each Summarizes These Powerful Strategies


Actual picture of the five guides used
when discussing these strategies in person.

Here's What The 5 Cheat Sheets Contain...

  • 'Quick Start' Audio CD, Cheat Sheet Guide #1   
    (2-sided, 366 words)

A lightning fast, "Quick Start" 7-minute audio CD narrated by Daryl Logullo that completely details the entire system, how to effectively use it, and various initial exercises that literally guarantee a stampeded of CPA relationships rushing your way. (This Guide is extremely valuable. It has been prepared special for this course ONLY. If you have attempted to get CPA referrals and are thinking about quitting... DON'T. Use this Quick Start Guide E-Z Progress Tracker to to give yourself a boost and watch your efforts accelerate.)

  • Audio CD #1, Cheat Sheet Guide #2: "The Inner Psychology and Priority of CPA Behavior"    
    (2-sided, 555 words)

The exact, step-by-step,  steps to turn perfect CPA strangers into friends, quickly (If you've always felt lost, confused or not exactly how to get your CPA relationships on autopilot, this Guide walks you step-by-step to the next level.)

  • Audio CD #2, Cheat Sheet Guide #3: "Proven Strategies For Better CPA Relationships and Referrals"   
    (2-sided, 785 words)

This Guide is the perfect balance between concept and concrete ideas. You'll feel the difference after you apply this guide. (It will show you how to go from a few relationships to a small army, in no time.)

  • Audio CD #3, Cheat Sheet Guide #4: "Taking Your CPA Relationships To New Heights"      
    (2-sided, 881 words)

This is the largest Guide of the five.  I lay out the most crucial things you need to do to accelerate your CPA relationships and distance yourself from any other competitors in your area. Plus, I tell you the exact order to do it.

  • Audio CD #4, Cheat Sheet Guide #5: "Having Real
    Conversations About Referrals"     
    (2-sided, 766 words)

This thrilling Guide includes 14 eye-opening revelations on networking with CPAs, a key summary tool entitled CPA Referral Bullseyetm and other strategies parallel the 65 minute audio CD designed to ramp-up your CPA relationships as fast and as easy as possible -- meaning, eager referral relationships. (This is how you take a your current business with scant CPA relationships to dozens in the matter of a few months.)

     And now, after studying all of this if you are STILL skeptical...

Please Read My Generous,
100% Secure Risk-Free Acceptance

I DARE ANYBODY To Come Even Close
My TWO Guarantees
and Support Services.

      I’m going to do something EVERY person has said is insane. But I can be so bold because I’d be a broke fool if my System didn’t do what I said it will do.

      Are you interested?  All you have to do is say “MAYBE.”  

Ready To Order? Go Here.

      I’m so excited about my CPA Referral System® and how it can help you that I’ll write in my own handwriting:

Two Full Months
100% Risk-Free Acceptance
Guarantee #1

You Get Your Money Back!

   If you’re unhappy, for any reason, just return the System tools back to me within 60 days and I will refund all your money. (Minus the small shipping and handling costs, of course.) I will treat you the way I wish people treated me -- with gracious trust and the benefit of the doubt.

   You do not need to give a reason for returning the material for a refund. Your word is good enough. That means... you will not have paid a cent for this information, unless you decide to keep it. And that means...

You Will Have Seen Everything
Almost For Free!

    In other words, I’ve just given you My Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee. I designed this guarantee for the 99% of people who are honest, but naturally skeptical -- not the 1% who are sneaky and will take advantage of me. But more important...

>>  I’ve been offering this same guarantee for YEARS, and only a handful of people have reportedly failed to double their CPA Referrals with my strategies. Sound ridiculous? I’ve heard that before.

 Ready To Order? Go Here.


Two Full Months
100% Risk-Free Acceptance
Guarantee #2

GUARANTEE#2:   I Will 'Honor' You With a Cash Bonus If I ‘Wasted’ Your Time.

   Thousands of people know me, and they know I do WHAT I SAY. I believe it’s so important to do the right thing, that I offer this gutsy guarantee:

Read and attempt everything included in my System carefully and thoroughly. Ask me for help using your Coaching Certificates. And if you gave it an honest shot and feel that I have wasted your time, simply snail mail me a note to that effect, and, at your option, I will donate $25.00 in your name, on your behalf, to your local Habitat For Humanity.

    Anyone can offer you a “100% money-back guarantee.” Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back? SQUAT!

    But when you use my System, I take all of the risk. Not you. So if my system doesn’t deliver, I’m the one who eats his shirt -- not you.

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Maximum Referrals
Courtesy of Daryl Logullo, Strategic Impact. A revolutionary, referral building resource that has received over 87 critically acclaimed endorsements! Overflowing with page after page of specific client and customer referral strategies. (192 pgs)


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"Proven Seminar Invites That Pack The Room Every Time."
Courtesy of Pat Gawrych, Response Mail. A massive 'swipe file' of winning ads, invites, postcards, and envelopes guaranteed to help you improve your seminar (and sales) response.


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Client Service Excellence
E-Book: "The Busy Professional's Guide To Exceptional Client Service (That Keeps and Attracts More Business!)" Over 180 pages of thick, detailed advice on how to retain and attract more quality clients by focusing on your client service. Includes Special Bonus Section: Building Winning Team Members.

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“The Common Marketing Mistakes Today's Insurance Agents Make (and How To Avoid Them)"

Gift #1 - 47 Min. Bonus Audio CD $197 Value  --  Yours Free!

For Insurance Agents!

Featuring Frank Rumbauskas, Founder, NeverColdCall.com. An incredible interview revealing about today's life, health, annuity, LTC, and P&C agents are making.  Learn how to generate more sales, faster and easier with sales success in today's information age. A full 30 minute discussion with noted real estate marketing expert

“Client Referrals: How To Create Referrals Faster & Easier... and Sooner In Your Relationships."

Gift #2 - 61-Min. Bonus Audio CD $197 Value -- Yours Free!

For All Professionals!

Featuring Bob Cobb, Head Coach, UltimateBankAdvisor.com.
Over 60 minutes of amazing content, strategies and advice, including Bob's brilliant strategy, "The 30-Day Dazzle". A full 60 minute Q&A discussion. Drop everything you are doing and listen to Bob in this amazing discussion.

"Marketing Clinic: How Every Financial Advisor Can Keep From Wasting Their Money on Current Marketing and Advertising"

Gift #3  - 45-Min. Bonus Audio CD $197 Value  -- Yours Free!

For Financial Advisors/Insurance Agents!
Featuring Daryl Logullo. Over 45 minutes of profitable insight, advice, strategies and secrets on seminars, direct mail, newspaper ads, radio, television and more. Includes an easy to follow 6-page call outline, and 18 pages of transcripts to read and review over and over again.

"How To Easily Generate More Client Referrals In 3 Easy Steps."

Gift #4  - 65-Min. Bonus Audio CD $197 Value -- Yours Free!

For Financial Advisors/Insurance Agents!
Featuring Miriam Lawrence noted Editor and Expert of Horsesmouth.com. Over 60 minutes of insight, strategies, case studies and referral examples. Some shocking advice here. Listen as Miriam shares here thoughts that have made Horsesmouth.com one of the most popular online portals for financial advisors, today!

"Using Client Surveys To Generate More Referrals."

Gift #5  - 25-Min. Bonus Audio CD $197 Value -- Yours Free!

For Financial Advisors/Insurance Agents!
Featuring Rob Brown, CEO and Founder of Encore Partners, a leading advisor consulting and coaching firm. Rob brings astute insight into client perceptions, value-served/value-realized, and service issues that can tear down or build up your relationships -- fast!

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